our recommendations of use

We recommend installing controlights on all family members' phones and experiense using it for a while.

recommended settings:

The following recommendations are generic and not tailored to your specific child and family. Please use them as general guidelines rather than strict rules.

Controlled apps list:
Regardless of the child's age, we recommend including in the controlled apps list all social, internet and games apps.

Apps usage hours:
The following recommendations relate to specific ages. However, each child is different and the parents should consider which group suits him/her best according to his/her habits (eating, sleeping, activities and general daily routine) and his/her level of maturity and responsibility.
At all ages apps usage start time should be set not before the time the child finishes his/her morning organization, to avoid being distructed by the phone at this pressured time of day.
Apps usage end time should depend on age but also on parent-child agreement according to the needs of the child and family.

The total amount of apps usage time per day also depend on child's age and at this point it is important to explain the dangers in excessive apps usage.

We recommend to create initial settings, test them and make adjustments tuning until you all feel that you reached the appropriate settings.

For all users, we recommend not to exceed the total apps usage time of two hours a day for controlled apps.

We advise not to include in the list of controlled apps any apps that are crucial for you to use and that do not draw their users to hours of cutoff.








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