the lights

controlights divides the optional controlled apps usage modes to 3 in accordance to a stoplight that regulates transportation by 3 modes - stop on red, go on green, and yellow is an intermediate mode.

On GREEN LIGHTS the user is within the time range permitted for controlled apps usage and did not reach the maximal usage time for that day. In this mode the phone usage is completely free.

On YELLOW LIGHTS the user is within the time range permitted for controlled apps usage, however, the total usage time for that day has been exhausted. At this point the user should get a red light, but since so much of the communication with the surroundings is done through apps, and we do not mean to cutoff the user, we use the yellow light until the end of the daily apps usage time range. While the yellow light is on, at every hour all apps are opened for usage for 5 minutes. This time is sufficient for important communication but not to immerse in games or long videos. Wheather they were used or not, those 5 minutes are not accumulated from hour to hour.

On RED LIGHTS the user it outside the time range permitted for controlled apps usage, therefore, regardless of the actual total controlled apps usage time, controlled apps usage is now forbidden. In this mode all controlled apps will be blocked.

parents and children

As in real life, in controlights also, each child needs to be accompanied by a parent all the way right from the start.

First, a parent account should be created; the child account may be created from the parent interface. Then, the child may sign in to the application on his/her device with the account details the parent created for him/her.

Later on, the different actions of the child require parental approval in order to take place. The child performs the actions on his/her app, for instance changes to the settings, and the parent approves (or not) on the parent interface.

Additional parent(s) may ask to be associated with that same child. This request is conditioned to the approval of a parent already associated with that child (the parent who created the child account or another parent already associated). Once approved, a state of co-parenting is generated thus all parents associated with the child can view his/her status, receive his/her requests and may respond (by approving or denying) to them.

As described, controlights provides different interface for parents and children:
Child app enables viewing self usage data, viewing and editing settings (saving edits is subject to parent approval), and viewing and managing the child's own account (e.g., change password).
Parent app enables viewing children's usage data and approving their actions. It is not optional to remotely control or stop children's phones. Additionally, it enables viewing and managing the parent's own account and optionally controlling parent's self apps usage as done on child app.
Alternatively, the parent may use the users area at controlights’ web site instead of a parent app to overview the child’s status and actions. The child however, must have controlights installed on his/her mobile device.

double signature

The main actions in the child app are conditioned by a double signature: child's own and parent signature.
The child performs the action on his/her phone, approves it by entering his/her personal password, then the system sends a request for approval to the parent.
When the parent approves the action, the child will receive a response and changes will take place. In case the parent denied the action changes will be discarded.

install and uninstall apps

Every newly installed application on a device with controlights is automatically added to the controlled apps list. In order to remove it from the list one needs to enter the profile screen and make an explicit change.

Every app included in the controlled apps list that is uninstalled is automatically removed from the list.

keeping track with child reports

If a child app did not report to the system for 24 hours the parent of that child will receive a missing child notice. This is to identify cases when a child decides to remove controlights app on his own without parent approval.








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