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We believe the smartphone, with all its advantages and exemptions it introduced into our lives, is a world of temptations hard for anyone, let alone children, to resist and to moderate its use. So we give it to our child, because there is a real need for it, and today is difficult to do without. And even though we know deep down that the task too heavy for him/her, we are disappointed when he/she is drawn into this world, understand that it is not good for him, and then there are fights, anger, perhaps confiscation of the phone, and so on.

So is it really that we can't do with and can't do without it? This is where we enter the frame...

We place the family communication in the center.

We believe in the ability of children to have a conversation, understand the adult in front of them, express their world and needs, and accept responsibility.

We believe in each parent's will to do the very best they can, sometimes overprotecting or overgiving stem from the will to do good or from lack of appropriate tools, educational as well as technological.

Our goal is to reach a mutual agreement on the basis of open and respectful dialog, and to enforce this agreement automatically by controlights app. So the app is merely an enforment measure of a mutual agreement.

controlights does not deal with the contents that are exposed through the apps, but only with their activation and usage time.

We advise to install content filtering on children's phones, especially the younger ones, to complete their protection while using apps. We provide the protection for the quantity and times, but it is also important to add protection for the quality of contents.

who are we?

Petra Reshef
Software Engineer (BSc) and family and couples therapist (MA) authorized by the Israeli Association for Marital and Family. After years of working as a senior software engineer turned to study family and couples therapy. Currently besides working on controlights application Petra has a private practice in family and couple therapy, parent training and family psychological preparation for childbirth.
For her controlights enables combining these two worlds, as the programmatical work aids implementing values of family communication, education, and protection of children.
She is a mother of 3 great kids. When the smartphone entered home, and began to take over the attention, the family relations, and the mood of the family members, she started to think about educational solutions. She felt she functions as a police officer at home and that it wasn't her right place.

Liad Reshef
Holds a BSc degree in mechanical engineering from the Technion institute, and with many years of expreience in research and development in the Israeli industry in various areas including agriculture, security, and renewable energies.
With expertise in various disciplines such as software, robotics, automation, control, etc., and the connections between them.
A devoted family man and a father of three kids who like their smartphones, and like the rest, have trouble estimating their usage time and when is it time to stop.








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