Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child had an android phone but I don't. Can we still work?

A: Yes, the child must have controlights installed on his/her phone, but the parent can use the users area on our web site for all parent actions. Soon we'll release a version for ios (iphone) devices.

Q: What happens if we fail to reach an agreement with the child regarding apps usage terms?

A: First of all don't give up. If your child resists you should check what are his/her concerns, what is the right way in his/her opinion, listen to him/her and try to understand. At the same time you should explain your child the dangers of excessive and uncontrolled screens usage. That is actually the goal, to have a conversation at eye level until you reach a mutual understanding of the nature and the proper way to use of this device. You should explain that the phone as is, without control over its usage, it not suited for a child and might cause harm. Nevertheless, under certain term and with the aid of controlights it can be adjusted to the child. You as his/her parents always act on his/her behalf and his/her protection and so you are in this case. In fact, defining the limitations on apps usage will free him/her from constant supervision and tracking and prevent situations of taking the phone from his/her possession.

Q: What happens if the maximal daily usage time was exhausted and there is something urgent that must be done today?

A: This is what the yellow light is intended for - completing small actions and remain in contact with the surroundings even when apps usage time is up. We highly recommend not to change the settings on a daily basis because then there is no internalization of the alloted apps usage time or learning controlled apps usage. It is better to miss out on something and learn how to divide the time from now on, and if there is something important to do - prioratize it and check the current status from time to time in controlights app. In case of emergency you can change the settings temporarily and later on return it to the way they were.

Q: What happens if a child signs out from controlights or uninstalls it?

A: If a child attempts to sign out from controlights a request to approve his/her signing out will appear on parents app and the parent may deny the request. If a child uninstalls controlights from his/her device the system will not reveive any further reports from that device and will inform the parent app in 24 hours. If a child uninstalls controlights and after a while installs it back, his/her sign in request will be sent for parent information as well.

Q: When will there be controlights for iphone?

A: Real soon...

Q: What happens if I received a request but accidently removed it from the screen? or mistyped my password?

A: In both cases the request will be queued in the list of pending requests which can be viewed and handled from parent app main screen.

Q: I forgot my password. What should I do?

A: You may press the "forgot pincode" option on the sign in screen, or on any other screen that requires entering pincode. Otherwize, in the profile screen you may press the "reset pincode" option. In both cases a new pincode will be generated for you and sent to your Email address (in case you have a parent account) or to your parent's Email address (in case you have a child account). After entering it you will be requested to change it.

Q: Why is everything in English??

A: Currently the app is in English, soon a Hebrew version will be released to the convenience of Israeli users. Meanwhile, the website contains all explenations and user guides in Hebrew as well.

Q: My kid is 16 and wished to define the time range untill 2:00 AM. I'm willing to agree but is it possible?

A: It's possible to define end of usage time range to after midnight. At a mature age it is more important to watch over the daily total usage time than the usage time range.

Q: My family is complex. There are children from former marriages and also shared kids. How can we manage all this?

A: controlights enables flexible co-parenting: any parent who wishes to be associated with a certain child should send a request to another parent already associated with that child. Once the request is approved both parents will receive all child requests and will be informed about child actions another parent handled. According to the family structure, each child may be associated with a different combinations of parents.

Q: I'd like to install controlights on my phone but there is an app I must keep available at all times for work purposes. What can I do?

A: Simply don't add it to the controlled apps list and it will be available for you always.








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