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In today's technological world many parents struggle to find the appropriate way to provide their children with smart phones while maintaining a moderated usage of applications.
Some parents and children sign a contract that sums the agreed terms of mobile usage. But how can they enforce that contract?
Even when the child understands and wishes to comply with the terms, it is very difficult to assess when it's time to stop using and put the phone aside. On the other hand parents also find it very hard to monitor the child's mobile habits and enforce proper usage.
controlights is built exactly to this end. It provides a framework by which these agreed upon terms of use can be downloaded to the child's phone and enforced automatically.

how does it work?

controlights provides 2 separate interfaces: for children and for parents.
On the child's phone parent & child choose which applications to control.
Additionally, they define the time range in which these applications are allowed to be used and their maximal total usage time per day.
To apply these definitions and any future changes to them, the child is asked to approve them on his controlights application while the parent is requested to approve independently on his own controlights parent application.
This double-signature scheme makes sure all decisions are mutual and no one-sided steps are taken.
controlights is NOT means for the parent to remotely control the child's phone but rather a platform for mutual parent-child decision making and enforcer of those decisions.
When a child exceeds the maximal usage time or the time range in which usage is allowed, controlights blocks the usage of all applications that were chosen to be controlled.
On their phones, parents can view child's usage and status and control their own apps usage if they wish.

apps usage lights

controlights provides 3 different states of usage, according to the concept of apps usage lights:
GREEN LIGHT - while on the child has free usage of all apps.
YELLOW LIGHT - is on when the child had exhausted the maximal usage time for the day but is still within the usage time range. While on all apps will be open for usage for 5 minutes at every hour to address important communication needs.
RED LIGHT - while on the usage of the applications chosen to be controlled is blocked. Applied beyond the defined usage time range.

It's important to note that phone calls and text messages (sms) are never blocked at any stage or state. The phone always functions as a phone, controlights moderates only the apps usage!!!

controlights will help you

Keep your child from excessive cellular consumption and in inappropriate hours on the basis of a respectful and mutual dialog. The excessive use of mobile applications can cause mood disorders, attention disorders and even symptoms of addiction with all the implications of that. In the socail context, symptoms of withdrawal in the virtual world, loneliness and alienation might appear. Lack of restriction of screen usage hours can lead to insufficient sleep and sleep quality disturbances that could affect the normal development of children.

Adjust the smart phone to your specific child. Then you can decide when to give your child a phone according to your needs and not to worry that if he/she could handle and moderate its use, and the phone would be truly his/her own without fear that if he/she won't follow the rules, it will be taken away.

Ease the tension around your child's phone handling. When you are exempt from your duty to constantly track and check wheather your child uses the phone properly, and your child is exempt from having to measure him/herself and resist the temptation that all of us find it hard to resist, much of the dilemmas, anger, disputes and arguments may be spared.

Enables cooperation and division of responsibility and control over your child's cellular usage habits between you and him/her in a manner that matches the abilities of each one. It is important for children to receive an area of responsibility and control over their lives according to their age and ability, so we do not want to work around the child and to remotely control the settings of his use of the phone. On the other hand, the role of the parent is to lead the way, direct and supervise so we do not want to give the child complete freedom and full responsibility for his cell phone usage habits.

Establish an ongoing dialog on the subject of cell phone usage, its advantages and hazards. When each change to the apps usage settings requires a discussion, decision and approval of both child and parent, an ongoing dialog is formed that is compatible with the changes that occur over time in the needs of the child and the family as well as the technological and new applications that emerge from day to day. This is in addition to the initial discussion that takes place when the phone is given to the child.

Learn to better estimate apps usage time through objective feedback. For many children, as well as adults, it is difficult to estimate their apps usage time. Various applications and games can draw the user into them, and waste his/her time without being aware of it.








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